Spa Consultancy

Spa Consultancy

The Spa Consultancy services offered by Sohum Wellness fit a niche role within the wellness industry. This brings forth many exciting and functional elements to the process of spa planning and execution.

Our deep understanding of the intrinsic values of the proposed spa arises from our vast expertise and experience in this field. This leads us to formulate unique wellness concepts so that the resultant spa with its own special characteristics is several notches higher than its competitors.

As spa consultants, we realize the developers’ vision for the spa and thus assist in value addition and profit building for current businesses as well as proposed projects.

Why Sohum?

From Start to Finish

We deliver spa solutions to developers' at all levels including feasibility studies, conceptualization, design, procurement, management, systems, marketing, personnel training and recruitment etc. This ensures that the resulting business looks great and functions profitably.

Specialist Team

Our experts ensure the best of deliveries. Design foundations are given by spa specific architects and finished beautifully by trained interior designers under our guidance ensuring a refined finished product for a successful business.

The best of Industry Experts

The value addition of brand Sohum is priceless due to our extensive experience in the national and international beauty and wellness industry.

Operations and Management that is spa specific

With our tried and tested working systems and operating tools, spas become successful businesses that have their finger on the clients pulse at all times.

Right Products for the Right Spa

Our dedicated specialists explore the markets looking for products that echo the ideology of the spa and source various brands to compliment the spa services.

The following complete range of wellness services is offered as a part of Sohums' Consultancy services

Sohums Consultancy services